Why you need to consider endpoint security today

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and there’s no sign of them going away. Securing your endpoints is essential to protect your business from cyberthreats that often result in critical data being sold on the Dark Web.

Eurotek UK partners with Trend Micro to provide worry-free business security for our customers. These worry-free services use a blend of the best cybersecurity techniques to deliver consistent cover across any user and endpoint. The Endpoint Security on offer is innovative, robust and trusted.

Here’s why it’s so important for your business…

Cyber security

What is Endpoint Security and How Does it Work?

Endpoint security essentially means what it says on the tin – the process of securing entry points of end-users. This primarily includes devices used to access company data, whether it be a phone, desktop or laptop.

Endpoint protection platforms like Trend Micro examine files as they enter the network and block anything suspicious. This safeguards data, workflows and devices connected to your network. Endpoint Protection uses proactive security to remember previous threats in order to keep online browsing safe, as well as machine-learning to detect zero-day threats (threats that haven’t been seen before).

You will also gain:

  • Advanced antivirus and antimalware protection
  • Integrated firewalls
  • Internal threat protection to mitigate risks of human error
  • Encryption to prevent a data breach or loss
  • Optional email security add-ins to prevent phishing attacks

How is it different from antivirus and other methods?

Threat detection

Endpoint protection will provide advanced cover of every endpoint with smart, robust measures in place to ensure there are no blind spots. Antivirus software is a more static solution that does not automatically evolve to prevent new cyber threats unless it is manually adjusted and updated.

Device, user and network protection

Antivirus programs only protect one endpoint, like an individual laptop. This limited protection is not suitable for companies who need to roll out security measures across multiple devices as you will have less control over user safety. Endpoint protection provides full network coverage and endpoint protection so that your business as a whole is more secure.

cyber security

Why is Endpoint Security Important?

The devices we all use every day to access emails, printers, files or make phone calls are a fundamental part of every modern business. Ensuring that these endpoints are not left open to attack is essential to protect your staff, clients and company data.

Implementing endpoint protection across your systems will ensure that you have a consistent level of security throughout your business, and less room for weak spots that hackers could take advantage of.

Organisations of all sizes are potential targets for cybercriminals, and they will usually target individual users and company blind spots. As the threats grow, so does the need to detect, block and prevent all threats to endpoints quickly.

Start protecting your employees and your data better today.