Autotask Workplace™

An enterprise-grade File Sync & Share (FSS) solution purpose-built for business

Are your internal users deciding what file sync and share (FSS) solution your business uses?

Do you know what they are using??

Are your confidential files vulnerable to a security breach as a result?

Who’s protecting your business from your employees just trying to get their job done and external threats?


You need to protect your business from your users & external threats! You need an enterprise-grade FSS solution for your business!


Currently, File sync and share is a free-for-all. This need for faster service and mobility, leads to a major proliferation of solutions. It is not uncommon to find three or more file-sharing options in a single organisation, solutions like Network Drives, VPN’s, FTP, eMail, USB Sticks, Free File Sharing services and likes of DropBox; Google Drive and others. Files are everywhere and the customer is totally exposed – it is a “breach waiting to happen”!


Autotask Workplaceis the answer!



Autotask Workplace™ offers everything you and your business needs in a feature-rich solution:


Local and online editing
Versioning and recovery
Quick recovery from ransomware and Cryptolocker type attacks!
Automatic QR coding and scan to PDF
Salesforce, Office, Google Docs integrations



Multi-user editing and smart file locking Team and third-party secure sharing
Document commenting and notification
Selective sync and granular permissions



Smart mobile sync and online/offline mode
Built-in creation, editing and markup
Photo and video capture
Integrated on-device security


Highly Secure

Policy and role based access control
user, content, device
Built-in data loss protection
Mobile device data management
Encryption on device, in transit and session Two Factor Authentication, device ID approval


Simple Yet Powerful Administration

Cloud and hybrid deployment
Multi-level user management
Extensive policy controls
Extensive and detailed reporting
Active Directory / SAML 2.0 integration


Continuous Real-time Backup

Folder and file continuous backup
Six-month file versioning and recovery of deleted files
Optimised Delta Backup for large files
Recover from ransomware, cryptolocker attacks!

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